What happens at a Women’s Circle?

This video attempts to answer one of the most common questions I get about MGM activities, that is “What happens at a Women’s Circle”? In four and a half minutes (with subtitles), I give you an overview of what to expect at an MGM Women’s Circle.

In this video, Sarah is wearing a patterned top and fluffy cardigan. She’s sitting in her study. In the background is an orange lamp, and a blue canvas with a elephant made of mandalas. After a week of sick children and heading toward the end of the school year, she stumbles over some words. You may also hear an episode of ‘Baby Jake’ playing in the background, courtesy of ABC Kids.

My approach to planning and facilitating these gatherings is informed by a range of teachers, including those I studied with through my university social work course where we covered topics such as group work, and grief and loss.

Most recently I have learnt from Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, as I work toward my ‘Mama Rising Facilitator’ accreditation. This training focuses on matrescence, which is the term used to describe the transition women go through in becoming mothers. I have also done ‘Blessing & Circle Medicine Facilitator’ training with Katherine Eden. Katherine’s training is more focused on the cycles of womanhood, and how these relate to the cycles of the Earth.

As part of the MGM Arena program, mamas will have the opportunity to do three monthly circles. I am excited to work with the same group for 12 weeks, so we can build trust and understanding as I share all I have learnt. I look forward to learning from each mama who joins and shares her own experience of motherhood.

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