Pregnant Then Screwed.

This is the title of the manifesto I wrote on my blog in August 2021.

I first wrote the piece in April 2021, after attending the March for Justice and being fed up with how women and mothers are treated in Australia.

I looked for a place to have it published and didn’t find one, so the idea of MGM was born.

In recent months, Australian women have called out the terrible treatment they experience at the hands of systems that abuse them, blame them and silence them. As a new mother, my peers and I have come up against systems that make us feel like failures. As a second time mum, I see now we aren’t failing, the systems are, and the statistics confirm it. Here I reflect on the many ways new mums are left without the support they need to thrive, despite evidence being available on how to improve outcomes for mothers, families and the wider community”.  

Sarah Cleggett – Founder of Middle Ground Motherhood


MGM activities contribute to the definition and creation of mother-centred communities in Adelaide, South Australia.

Mission and Purpose

MGM is a social enterprise that advocates for gender equity and supports women’s matrescence. We do this by working with individuals and organisations to develop and advocate for programs, policy, and planning that supports mothers and families to thrive.

What is a social enterprise?

“Social enterprises are entities and organisations that are led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit, that trade to fulfill their mission, derive a substantial proportion of their income from trade, and reinvest the majority of their profit/surplus if any, in the fulfillment of their mission” – South Australian Social Enterprise Council (SASEC)