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For organisations that value gender equity.

Our custom solutions enhance mothers and parent’s engagement and promote gender equity.

 Applying the Mother-Lens.

MGM work with collaborators from the Aboriginal community, the disability community, the CALD community and the LQBTQI+ community to ensure women, mothers and birthing people who may experience additional exclusion are co-creators.   

We can work with organisations of any size and from any industry.

Packages are tailored to suit individual needs and can be priced at an hourly rate or for a complete package of work.

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If you are in the business of project development and delivery at the government or private level, it is important to consider the needs of mothers as a unique stakeholder group.

We can design and facilitate an engagement process that puts women, mothers and birthing people at the forefront of your project. This may include:

  • Evidence-based advice
  • Co-design of project engagement methods
  • Facilitation of consultation activities
  • Stakeholder mapping.

Process of being fair to men and women. To ensure fairness, measures must often be put in place to compensate for the historical and social disadvantages that prevent women and men from operating on a level playing field

What is gender equity? UNESCO