Women’s Circles

When women embark upon matrescence (the process of becoming a mother), we realise we are no longer who we were and are not sure who we are now.

Sound familiar?

Matrescence is a profound process of dis-orientation, and re-orientation, said anthropologist Dana Raphael in 1975 when she coined matrescence to describe the becoming women experience as mothers.

In our Women’s Circle, the theory of matrescence gives mothers space to explore their experiences through self-reflection and sharing opportunities. We also incorporate gentle movement and meditation.

Each Circle has a distinct theme related to core areas of a woman’s life affected by matrescence. MGM Circles are best suited to mothers emerging from the first year of motherhood, wondering, “What now?”.

Places in the Circle are limited to 12 people to ensure a meaningful experience where everyone has the opportunity to be seen and held.

As well as a nourishing experience, the ticket price includes tea, snacks and lunch catered by The Golden Month.

Each session is from 9.00am to 1.00pm at Sophia, Cumberland Park.

For the price of a fancy dinner, you can receive 12 hours of self-care and connection, plus three delicious meals, snacks and tea.   

I want to thank you for yesterday, it was really emotive, powerful and a lot of food for thought. I was nervous before I arrived not knowing any of the other mothers, but as soon as I entered the space I felt at ease. There was a deep sense of calmness and openness to the space and I really feel you set the atmosphere well.”


We can facilitate a Women’s Circle for you.