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On Breastfeeding

This year’s World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August 2022) theme is ‘Step up for Breastfeeding: Educate and Support’. The focus is on strengthening the capacity of actors to protect, promote and support breastfeeding across different levels of society.

In 2022, tension remains between the expectation for women to return to paid work and public health messages regarding the importance of breastfeeding. Additionally, there are gaps in the policy framework to support breastfeeding adequately.

Heads Up

I ring my bell, but they don’t hear. I shout, but they don’t hear. I wave my hand, but they don’t see. Eventually, I swerve my bike around them and make tut-tut noises. When I was working with a man with vision impairment, he referred to them as “the drones”. He was describing the increasingContinue reading “Heads Up”

Radio Adelaide Interview

This week I spoke to Nicky Page on Radio Adelaide about Middle Ground Motherhood, the Babes on Bikes campaign and our upcoming Motherload Movie Event. Take a listen and get your ticket to the Motherload Movie Event via Humanitix.

Sharing the Motherload

Having been a social planner for over ten years, I am acutely aware of how historical town planning has overlooked the needs of women and mothers.  In their article for The Conversation, academics Dorina Pojani, Dorothy Wardale, and Kerry Brown illustrate this clearly, painting a picture of cities zoned to separate the core activities ofContinue reading “Sharing the Motherload”

Home Alone

Investment in local neighbourhoods is what I want from my elected representatives in this year of elections.

Give dads a go; Is Australia leaving dads behind?

“You can make a strong case that Australia is falling further behind in paternity leave. We’re falling behind the global leaders and this is a real problem for us. If we’re serious about gender equality, then this is something we need to fix urgently” – Professor Andrew Scott, The Nordic Policy Centre at The Australia Institute

What happens at a Women’s Circle?

This video attempts to answer one of the most common questions I get about MGM activities, that is “What is a Women’s Circle”? In four and a half minutes (with subtitles), I give you an overview of what to expect at an MGM Women’s Circle.


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